ES Speciality Renewal

How to renew a specialty that is approaching the expiration date.

From CAPR-60-3 ,

Paragraph 2-4a: Most specialty qualifications generally expire 3 years from the date the qualification was attained. Exceptions are listed in table 2-1, CAPR 60-3.

Paragraph 2-4b:

  1. Be a current CAP member.
  2. Be evaluated on at least one mission (actual or training) every 3 years by a qualified evaluator as outlined in paragraph 2-2a in each specialty (or equivalent specialty) for which renewal is requested.
  3. Have satisfactorily completed applicable parts of the current CAPT 116.
  4. Have satisfactorily completed the current CAPT 117

2-5. Re-qualification Procedures for Expired Specialties.

a. Individuals previously qualified in various specialty qualification areas may re-qualify without re-accomplishing all initial training requirements provided the specialty expired less than two years prior. This individual must demonstrate proficiency in the specialty by being evaluated by a qualified supervisor on at least one mission (training or actual) in each specialty (or equivalent specialty as outlined in attachment 4), and satisfactorily completing applicable parts of the current CAPTs 116 and 117.

b. Specialty qualification cards expired for more than two years shall not be reissued until the individual re-accomplishes all initial training and qualification requirements.

The new 101 cards that you print off the web from MIMS give the Specialties that you are current in, the date they expire and those you are training on.

When you are approaching the date of your expiring specialty, you must arrange to be evaluated on a mission in that specialty. There is a chart in Attachment 4 to CAPR-60-3 that lists the equivalent specialties. ie, if you are a GTL and get evaluated as such, that also counts for GTM and UDF Member. See the chart for your particular situation.

The evaluator must be listed as an evaluator on the Wing evaluator list in the specialty for which you are being evaluated.

When the evaluation is complete, the evaluator fills out a MDWG Form 5  and forwards it to the ES office at Wing, scanned .pdf's via email are acceptable. The Wing ES officer will then update the MIMS system with your renewal. Copies should be maintained in the member CAPF 114 at the Squadron.

It is recommended by the DOS, to schedule renewals within 1 year of the projected expiration date.


Contact the ES Officer for questions related to renewing an ES specialty.