ICS requirements

Effective 25 June 2007, all new submissions for a ES specialty rating(s) must also include the required ICS certificates.

All members with a ES rating must complete certain ICS courses to remain current in their specialty. ICS 100, 200, 700 and 800 are online courses that can be accessed at http://training.fema.gov/nims/.

It is recommended that you print the test and answer the questions as you review the material. Upon completion of the course, you will go to the testing page and insert your answers. FEMA will email your results, you will then print your certificates. Now that National tracks ICS completion through Operatons Qualifications (OPS Quals) , each member should enter the completion date in OPS Quals (found on the NHQ website under eServices) the same as they do for First Aid.  Then bring a copy of the certificate to squadron and/or e-mail a copy of their course completion certificate to Capt. Pumphrey for verification.  Until Capt. Pumphrey validates it in OPS Quals it remains listed as pending.

ICS 300 & 400 are available via classroom instruction only.

ES ratings will be suspended on 1 Jan 2009 for those members who have not completed the required ICS courses.