Cadet Program Publications

Cadet OI Handbook  

The Cadet OI Handbook is an excellent resource that is designed to be carried as a part of the BDU uniform. The handbook provides cadets with a method of keeping track of their recent CAP activities/community service, merits & demerits, meeting outlines, staff duty descriptions, and the squadron chain of command. The handbook also serves as a quick reference for all pertinent memory work that a cadet is responsible for knowing in order to excel in the CAP cadet program.

Similar to the OI's carried at many encampments, the Cadet Handbook motivates cadets to attend CAP activities in order to complete their activity charts. I hope this publication helps to motivate cadets throughout the Civil Air Patrol!

Created by C/Capt Casey Watts and C/Maj. Wayne Mowery of the Osprey Composite Squadron in Maryland Wing

Care and Feeding of Your Cadet 

Maryland Wing has created a pamphlet for parents of new cadets titled "Care and Feeding of Your Cadet". This very useful publication can be downloaded and printed by squadrons. The last page may be personalized with the local unit information.

Official Publications

Over a dozen official publications are available for the members who lead cadets and cadets themselves. All of the publications listed below are available free at the NHQ Publications webpage, except cadet textbooks are available for purchase through Vanguard.

Number Publication Ttitle
CAPP 52-5  The Congressional Award
CAPP 52-6  Mentoring
CAPP 52-7  Cadet Orientation Flight Syllabus
CAPP 52-8  Unit Honor Guard Program
CAPP 52-9 Cadet Great Start
CAPR 52-10  Cadet Protection Policy
CAPP 52-11  Sally Ride Science Festival
CAPP 52-12 v1  Required Staff Training (Instructor Guide)
CAPP 52-12 v2  Required Staff Training (Student Guide)
CAPP 52-14  Staff Duty Analysis
CAPR 52-16  Cadet Program Management
CAPP 52-18  Cadet Physical Fitness Program
CAPP 52-19  Cadet Advisory Council Guide
CAPP 216  CP Specialty Track Study Guide
CAPP 52-4  National Cadet Competition
Learn to Lead Learn to Lead Publications
Drill Guide Cadet Drill Guide


Cadet Textbooks (Available through Vanguard)

  • Learn to Lead
    • Study Guide
  • Aerospace Dimensions
    • Student Study Guide
    • Leader StudyGuide
  • Aerospace: The Journey of Flight
    • Study Guide

Other Resources

For additional cadet resources, see the National web site for the Cadet Resource Library page, and the other products found throughout this website.


The Cadet Oath
"I pledge to serve faithfully in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program and that I will attend meetings regularly, participate actively in unit activities, obey my officers, wear my uniform properly, and advance my education and training rapidly to prepare myself to be of service to my community, state, and nation."