Emergency Services Program

The Emergency Services Program includes Disaster Relief, Homeland Security and our historical mission of Search and Rescue.

CAP is responsible for inland search and rescue in the United States. Each year we conduct between 85 and 95 percent of the SAR missions identified by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC), which is located at Tyndall AFB in Florida. In Maryland CAP averages between 45 and 55 missions each year, searching for aircraft and boaters in distress.

Members train in any of several specialties from Mission Pilot, through Communications, to Ground Teams and Urban Direction Finding Teams. Often members will cross train and become qualified in several areas. While participation in airborne SAR is limited to senior members and cadets 18 years old or older, all cadets are encouraged to become involved in the ground-based portions of our Search and Rescue team and communications network.

CAP Emergency Services operates using the Incident Command System. This system, utilized by most emergency response organizations in the United States, allows CAP to participate with other organizations and fit into the same type of command and control structure. Members can become trained in the various levels of command in the ICS system.

The Goal of Emergency Services is to train our members, save lives and be a productive part of our communities emergency response system.