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Attention All,

    Below is the FRAGO for the Soup to Nuts ES training in November.   Please be sure to register online if you are planning to attend also sign-up on the Activity sheet at Squadron so we know to ensure seating for you in the van.  IF you have questions or concerns either respond to this email, or see during the weekly meeting.

Thank you,

Chris Pumphrey, Capt. CAP
Emergency Services Officer
Group 3, Maryland Wing
Civil Air Patrol

From: James Holcomb, Capt, CAP UFAF-AUX A5P 
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Subject: MDWG-INFO: FRAGO #2 to OPORD 14-01: ES S2n Phase 2 training and other notables

Attached please find FRAGO #2 to OPORD 14-01.  This FRAGO outlines changes in location and venue for the Ground Team Member (GTM3) portion of Phase 2 Soup-to-Nuts” (S2N).  Of particular importance is that Phase 2 for GTM(3) training is a 2-day event!  Participants are being offered tent camping or bunk bed accommodations.  This 2-day event will cover all the “Advanced Task” training, and day 2 will also cover an advanced Land Nav Mapping class (“500 cord”) for Phase 2 GTM(3) participants.  This weekend camping and training activities are open to all GTM-qualified members at any level, on a space-available basis.  This is a great opportunity to brush up on your GTM + camping + mapping skiils. Your 24 or 72 hour pack is required.  Register here


Aircrew training remains at Tipton Airport (FME) Hangar 80.  Participants are also required to register for this training class.


REMINDER:  Airborne Photographer (AP) training this weekend is being held at the Frederick Flight Center at the Frederick Municipal Airport (FDK).  This is also a 2-day training event and online registration is required for this event.  Another item of interest is that “self-pay” Glider Rides are available for November 26th, and November 2nd.  Online registration is available.  For further information, please visit the MDWG glider page.




                                                                                                                             HQ, Maryland Wing Civil Air Patrol 

      USAF Auxiliary

      Glen Burnie, Maryland  21061


      Fragmentary Order (FRAG0 #2) to OPORD 14-01: MDWG Sponsored Emergency Services Aircrew and Ground Team “Soup-to-Nuts” (S2N) Training Series

      I.  SITUATION:  NO CHANGE  In support of National and MER goals MDWG needs to increase its number of ES Qualified personnel to stand ready to conduct USAF, Federal Agencies, State and Local missions.


      II.  MISSION:  CHANGE MDWG will conduct “Soup-to-Nuts” (S2N)  Emergency Services training in an ongoing effort to expand the number of fully-qualified personnel in the Wing to perform actual missions.  This ES training will be presented in a four-phase format, with Phase 2 on 2 Nov 13.

      A.      NO CHANGE

      B.      ADD Phase 2

      1.       Aircrew training at Tipton Airport (FME) Hangar 80.  Registration for all aircrew training participants is required and can be found online here.

      2.       Ground Team Member (GTM3) training will be held at the Broad Creek Boy Scout Reservation, 1900 Robinson Mill Road, Darrington, MD 21034 Camp Oest - Navajo Canyon site

      a)         Phase 2 of the GTM3 training will be offered as a 2-day training event.  Saturday, 2 Nov will be the Advanced Task training session, and Sunday, 3 Nov will be the Advanced Task finish-up plus an advanced Land Nav Mapping class.  Overnight tent camping, plus available bunk beds accommodations are available.  This training session is open to finish-up GTM3’s, and any other GTM members on a space-available basis.  Participants are required to registered online.  24 or 72 hour packs are required.

      b)         Registration for this GTM3 two-day event is required, and can be found online here.




      IV.  SERVICE SUPPORT:  NO CHANGE  ANNEX C for additional information



      A. COMMAND: Traditional Command structure remains in effect.

      B. SIGNAL – See ANNEX D for additional Information

      C. SAFETY:  Safety Currency will be strictly adhered to, and is the responsibility of the individual participant to ensure Safety Currency requirements have been met prior to sign-in and start of duty day. Failure to comply with currency requirements will render that member ineligible to participate in that day’s training event.



                                                                                                      Knowles, Col



      Weiss, MDWG A 3/5




James A. Holcomb, Capt, CAP
MDWG A5P Chief - Plans Branch
Maryland Wing Training Division
Maryland Wing HQ Squadron
(C) 410.736.3520

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